Every year, businesses from your local factory to global brands spend a combined $30 billion on systems to keep their people and assets safe. 

Security technology: the opportunities are right here  

When we say ‘security technology’ do you immediately think of that alarm box squawking across the road? Well, the field’s bigger, much bigger, than that. 

Today’s commercial systems are typically a mix of CCTV, access management and intruder sensing all networked and intelligently controlled. There’s some formidable technology involved. Everything from secure networking, robotics and remote sensing to advanced management information systems, artificial intelligence and stuff we simply can’t talk about.

Whether it’s a national account of a brand you recognise, or a supermarket, or someone’s home, security is varied, interesting, customer facing and technically challenging. Every employer is different but whatever their size they rely on accredited installation, repairs and maintenance to keep them safe and legally compliant. 

If you’re a multi-skilled engineer, a good all-rounder in the field of fire and security service and installation and you’re looking for the next step of your career, let’s talk.

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      Installation, service and maintenance of CCTV, access control, intruder alarm systems, gates and barriers… and everything in between.


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      Fire systems protect lives and assets. It’s an essential investment for any organisation. Systems have to be resilient, reliable and professionally installed.




      Technological change is transforming fire and security systems. Integration brings all security disciplines and assets into one user friendly platform providing a powerful solution.


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