Check in with our March MOTM!

News, Blog, Employment, Awards, Careers | Friday 14th April 2023

As the football season starts to come to a close, we check in with our March MOTM, Sam Paprotny from Amthal Fire & Security, and get his insight on the league, how he found himself there, and his hopes for the remainder of the season. Manager of Operations by day, and Fantasy Football manager by later day, Sam’s team ‘Squad’ came out on top with 299 points in March for his first win this season. Currently down in 35th less than 200 points behind the lead, can he pull off a comeback and take the top spot from current leader Sam Morris? Only time will tell…


1. What do you like about fantasy football? 

It really promotes the need to follow the premier league and engages me into following teams that I wouldn’t traditionally watch (because I have a player in my fantasy team).

2. What got you into fantasy football in the first place?

I started fantasy football in 2010, it was my peers that got me into fantasy football. 

3. What is the worst move you have ever made?

The worst move, that I can recall, was captaining a player (can’t remember who) but he got a straight red card. Most likely Mitrovic… 

4. What are your hopes for the season?

I want to continue enjoying the game. 

5. Which players have you got your eye on over the next few months?

Felix for Chelsea, he looks good. Just need Chelsea to sort themselves out. 

6. What’s your chip strategy for the remaining weeks of the season?

I can’t give away the secrets.. 

7. What’s your best ever finish and are you hoping to beat it?

I finished 10k in the world. There are a lot more players now. I can only hope that I finish anywhere near that! 

8. At the time of writing, you’re 140 points off the top of the Zitko league. Do you think you can still win it?

We can only hope… 


At Zitko we love creating opportunities to bring people together across the fire and security industry, and the ZFL does just that! No matter your fantasy football experience, we are fortunate to be able to offer everybody the opportunity to take part and give the league a go. Who knows, maybe you’ll be the underdog to storm the league, or the expert to teach the current leaders a thing or two! If you’re interested in joining the ZFL for the 23/24 season, and are up for the chance to win free goodies, get in touch and get prepared. It’ll be here before we know it!

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