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Problem solving | High standards | First-rate technical skills

The Ex Forces programme

Right now, there’s a significant shortage of skilled technicians and engineers to work on security tech projects worldwide. This is where you, and Zitko Talent, come in.

The Zitko Talent programme provides fast-track entry to security tech for technicians and engineers from the Forces. We’ve partnered with employers, manufacturers, industry professionals and accredited security tech training companies to bring you this programme. 

Over a period of 12 months, you’ll build on your existing knowledge and skills; you’ll be given technical training, product certifications and awareness you need to get started. 

Everything is funded by the security tech industry. As a trainee, there is no cost to you. And you’ll be a salaried employee from day one. 

Here are the key elements:

  • 12-months’ paid employment with your host company, providing structured experience and plenty of hands-on work
  • A basic salary while training of £20-£30k (often plus benefits)
  • 125 hours’ accredited security technical training (classroom and distance)
  • Around 160 hours of manufacturer-provided training on the systems your host company uses
  • Industry-recognised certification in up to six security systems
  • One-to-one mentoring and support from your host and from the Zitko team

There’s a significant investment in your training and development from your host employer. They’ll be planning to employ you long-term. The career and earnings potential in security tech are vast. And security tech skills are in demand across the world. 

Complete the programme successfully and your immediate earnings potential will be £30-£45K, based on current market rates.

Who is this programme for?

Zitko Talent is aimed mostly at technicians and engineers who are effective problem-solvers, can work to high standards and have first-rate technical skills. If you’re proficient at tool use, multi-meters or similar, cabling or wiring, mechanical or electrical assembly and working to / from plans, you’re right in our ball-park.

Equally, you could be working in the systems engineering side of things. There’s strong demand here too. 

Your future in security tech

The Zitko Talent programme will give you a solid basis for building a well-paid career that’s challenging and satisfying. 

Installation engineers typically progress into commissioning, project engineering and specialist support roles or into management. Systems engineers tend to progress into systems design, project management and product specialist roles or again leadership. Some move client-side. And if you’re keen to take it to Board level, that career path is right there and waiting too. 

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Zitko Talent

  • School Leaver

    School Leaver

    If you love programming, mechanics, building, electronics, inventing, model-making or any kind of tech, you’re going to love this. The Zitko Talent programme starts with a year’s training, in a paid job with a quality employer. 


  • Graduate


    The Zitko Talent graduate programme provides fast-track entry to security tech. It’s a partnership between employers, manufacturers, industry bodies and accredited security tech training companies. 


  • Ex-Forces


    Right now, there’s a significant shortage of skilled technicians and engineers to work on security tech projects worldwide. This is where you, and Zitko Talent, come in.


  • Career Changer

    Career Changer

    If you’re handy with tools, are a good problem-solver and most of all really love tech, we can give you the key to an amazing career.


  • Experienced Engineer

    Experienced Engineer

    Want more from your technical career? Growing fast, the security tech industry is crying out for skilled people like you. Find out more today.




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However you identify, whatever your background, you’re welcome here. 

You’ll find all the details and inspiration you need in our Talent programme guides. Let us know what stage you’re at in your career and we’ll send you the most relevant information. 

Thank you.

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