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Finding the Right Candidate

“Selling is all about timing” – Delboy is correct!

Recruitment can be the same…

  • the right job
  • the right manager
  • the right company
  • the right candidate
  • the right time

It is difficult to control all of these and rarely is the time right. When you are actively seeking a new role, you will find a number of these hard to find. And when you have a vacancy, the right candidate can also be hard to come by.

This is where passive candidate engagement is valuable to both candidate and client. Whether it be through networking, marketing or just keeping in touch, passive candidate engagement is useful to; discuss current openings, offer career advice or provide an overview on market conditions.

Sometimes the right job with the right manager and the right company doesn’t come along at the right time. If you are in communication with a recruitment company who understand you, your situation and your career aspirations then you can be more aware of the market and openings that may match your needs and interests. They may not come at the right time but in some cases, it could be an opportunity that is too good to turn down, at least you are aware of it and in more control of your own destiny.

When you receive a connection request from an industry specialist recruiter, don’t always expect the worst. It is not all about the hard sell and there are professional recruiters out there that can provide a valuable career service.

For any employers reading this, one of the main benefits of utilising the services of a specialist recruiter is passive candidate engagement. This will give you a better coverage and better chance of meeting the ‘right candidate’.

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